Sexual problem

Cause of sexual problems?

In most cases there is not just one cause for a sexual problem; there are often several causes. It is important to look at the problem from three different points of view, namely physical causes, psychological causes and social causes.

Causes of male sexual Problem:

Limit blood flow, Nerve damage, Cholesterol, High blood pressure, Lack of nutrition, Alcoholism, Loss of libido, Sleep disturbance, Masturbation, Sex film, Stress, Anxiety, Diabetes, Cigarette smoking, Nervous about sex, Depression or anxiety, Lack of sexual desire etc.

Homeopathic & Herbal Treatment for Low Sex Drive:

Homeopathy & herbal can provide significant relief to patients suffering from male sexual dysfunction. It is strongly suggested that patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or other sexual dysfunctions seek homeopathy early on to experience the benefits of this science to the fullest.

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Treatment by
Dr Mizanur Rahman

Dr.Mizanur Rahman

Msc, DHMS(BD), D.Hom(Uk), MD(AM) India, PhD Homo &Herbal (India & Usa).

Secretary: British Bangladesh Traditional Doctors Association in the UK.

Dr Ahmed Hossain

Dr.Ahmed Hossain

MA,D.Hom (England).

Chairman: British Bangladesh Traditional Doctors Association in the UK

Note.The consultants is 21 years experienced and qualified from England, America,India & Bangladesh.